School Sport
Satellite Volleyball Championships Entry Form
*You will receive a copy of submitted information by email
* Your School Principal will be emailed a copy of the team list to confirm it is valid and players are eligible and is required to email a signed copy back
* CVA will email a Tax Invoice. You can also enter a email address to send it to the person in charge of your accounts payable
*Please ensure you know all policy's and requirements (payment deadlines) - 8 players are required
All persons associated with the school will be subject to the School Sport NZ Integrity Framework
* Any required field not filled in correctly will be highlighted in RED and will need to be correctly filled in
*You will be placed into a division depending on your local ranking
Team Name
Format - School and descriptor - e.g. Riccarton A, gender not required
Contacts Name
Contacts E-mail
Please check the address is correct
Contacts Cell Phone Number
Please check the number is correct - MUST BE AT THE EVENT
School Principals Name
School Principals E-mail
Please check the address is correct
School Postal Address
City / Town
Contact Details for an Secondary person- they will then to be sent draws, updates etc as well
Secondary Contacts Name
Secondary Contacts E-mail Address
Please check the address is correct
Secondary Contacts Cell Pone Number
Please check the number is correct - MUST BE AT THE EVENT
The school provides permission to live stream/ broadcast any games that they may be involved in
Nominated Referees Name
One name only
Nominated Referees Qualification
Send a tax invoice to person in charge of Accounts Payable
Enter a Email Address
NEW TO SCHOOL (if enrolled after 19/03/2022) or NON-DOMESTIC
Students who begin at the school in Year 9 are exempt
- Explanations
Shirt #....
Player Name e.g. John Smith
Birth Date
Format - 12 Oct 1993
New to School

Most Recent Date of Enrolment as on MoE Enrol

Non Domestic
Exempt - must be emailed
Ass Coach
The person filling out this form agrees that the participating team will;
Agree to abide by all tournament procedures - details
Certifies all participants are eligible (also requires Principals approval) - details
Understands the entry deadlines and refund policy- details
Agree's to pay all entry fees (as per invoice)

Please wait few seconds - you will then be directed to a page to check the information supplied and then finally submit it


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