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Eligibility of Competitors - Students Must Be;

1. Be enrolled as a bona fide (Year 9 or above) student at the school of representation and studying at least 80% of a programme that is part of the timetable provided by the school for at least four weeks immediately prior to the event.

2. Have a satisfactory attendance record at the school.  The final decision will be at the Principal's discretion.

3. Be under 19 years of age at the first of January in the year of the competition.

The school must authenticate a student’s birth date.  Tournament organisers may request validation by a birth certificate or passport.


School Team Eligibility - students who begin school in Year 9 are exempt

A school team eligible to compete in School Sport NZ sanctioned events must not exceed the quota of students new to the school in the 2 years preceding the first day of the event - for Volleyball this is 3. For clarity, the student’s most recent enrolment date at the school must be used.

Teams are also limited to a maximum two (2) non domestic students and any non domestic student must always be included in the quota above.

Domestic students are defined as;

- a NZ Citizen
- the holder of a residence permit
- an Australian citizen
- a NZ passport holder (e.g. Cook Islands)
- a dependent of a work permit holder, refugee, diplomat
- Exchange Students on MOE approved Exchange Organiser Programmes ( www.minedu.govt.nz/EPO )

or whatever definition the Ministry of Education currently applies.


New to School students who have been issued a Primary Caregiver Relocation Exemption (PCRE) whereby they are EXEMPT from these numbers.

Where the family or primary caregiver of a student has changed address and, as a consequence of the primary caregivers relocation, the student could not reasonably have been expected to remain at their previous school, an application for exemption may be submitted to the Regional Sports Director responsible for the region of the new school. The application must be on the official Application for Exemption form, be signed by the principal and parent/primary caregiver and have evidence of the address change attached as outlined on the application form. A MAXIMUM of 2 PCRE’s issued in any calendar year may be included in any team that has a School Sport NZ NTS quota. Any appeal must be lodged in writing with the CEO of School Sport NZ.

New Zealand Secondary School Sports Council player eligibility regulations criteria is available here